Monday, September 17, 2012

September 2012


Ron and Jeanie Burgin
Campus Crusade for Christ, Latin America and the Caribbean

September 17, 2012

Dear Friends,

Hi from San Jose! I hope you are well and beginning to settle into the fall routine in the USA. There are special things we miss at every time of the year, but we always think fondly of warm Indian summer days in the beautiful Northwest.

Last June when I wrote, Jeanie and I were settled into our new home in Costa Rica. My job as Operations Director for CCC Latin America was going well, but we were wondering how God could possibly use us personally here in San Jose. After many years of exciting ministry and great relationships in Bolivia, we were feeling a little lost.

What a difference a couple of months can make! God is really beginning to answer our prayers in significant ways. In fact, we will soon have to begin prioritizing our opportunities!

The Gathering Place

Jeanie and I are on the leadership team of a new English Language church plant here in the city. There are thousands of Ticos (Costa Ricans) who speak English, and are very interested in any opportunity to practice. This gives us an opportunity to invite them to church, when they may not otherwise darken the door of a Spanish speaking congregation. Tomorrow we are setting up tables in front of a Call Center with coffee and snacks and an invitation to church. There are call centers all over San Jose with thousands of Ticos taking customer service calls from the USA (I know…)


One of our missionaries from the Gathering Place is a young Tico named Jairo (left) who ministers to poor kids just a few miles from our home with sports and after school programs. We will be partnering with Jairo in a few weeks to show the Story of Jesus for Children, giving the kids a clear opportunity to receive Christ and begin a discipleship process.

AMCA House

We met another missionary couple here in San Jose who runs a ministry called AMCA House. One of their outreaches is an ESL program that meets every Wednesday evening. Jeanie and I did a similar activity in Bolivia. We will be teaching the beginning level course. Last night at our first meeting there were more than 50 people. We have total freedom to share our faith and to invite folks to church.


Last May I met the leaders of the Federacion Alianza Evangelica Costarricense (the national association of Evangelicals in Costa Rica). These pastors took on the responsibility of hosting Josh McDowell in August, inviting 700 pastors and leaders in their network to come hear Josh. Through that contact, many other opportunities are opening up. I preached in a couple of their churches. Now we are exploring the possibility of a formal partnership to use the JESUS Film to plant new churches. Some of the older pastors remember the JESUS Film back in the days of 16mm film projectors, but there is a whole new generation of pastors ministering to young people and adults who may know very little about the life of Jesus, or why they would need a Savior. With the JESUS Film, they learn about his life, teaching, death on the cross, resurrection and invitation to eternal life. We are trusting God for great things!

This will be a month of a lot of travel for Jeanie and me, but it is exciting to begin putting down some roots in our new home country. Thank you so much for praying for us!

Your missionaries in Costa Rica,

Ron and Jeanie

Prayer requests:

· Our residency visas are in the final stages of processing. Pray that the visas will come through by the end of October.

· Pray for our daughter Sarah and daughter-in-law Rachael. Both are expecting babies in early 2013.

· Pray for our contacts with Costa Rican pastors, that God would open the doors to partnership with the JESUS Film.

· Jeanie has been experiencing a lot of pain down her right leg. We will be in Portland in December and the doctor appointment is already on the calendar. Pray that God will bring healing.

· Pray for Jeanie as she continues her Spanish tutoring. She is really showing progress and increasing confidence.

· Pray for me (Ron) as a give leadership to the CRU leaders around the continent.