Friday, July 26, 2013

Home in Costa Rica

Ron and Jeanie Burgin
Campus Crusade for Christ
Latin America and the Caribbean

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Home in Costa Rica!

Dear Friends,

We are home in Costa Rica after a longer than expected journey from Portland. Seven weeks have passed since Jeanie's hip surgery. The titanium implant is firmly in place and she is making good progress. She is walking a lot and getting stronger every day. Before the surgery, she could not walk more than a block, and that with a cane. She still has a lot of muscle soreness from the surgical incision, and that may last for several months. In spite of that ongoing pain, she is far better than she was in May. The doctor says she is good for 100,000 miles or 20 years, whichever comes first:) We are thankful for God's provision of a great doctor, hospital, and financial supporters who helped to cover our sizable deductible for the surgery. 

We were away from home for a total of nine weeks, and enjoyed my Mom and Dad's great hospitality in Portland. We aren't happy that Jeanie needed surgery, but we are eternally grateful for the special time we had with them. Some days were more painful than others for Jeanie, but every day was a blessing to be with my folks.

Pastor Rigoberto, Director Evangelical Alliance of Costa Rica

DVD partnership project

For the last several months I have been working with Pastor Rigoberto Vega, Executive Director of the Evangelical Alliance of Costa Rica on a plan for planting new churches throughout the country. There are approximately 2500 participating churches in the Alliance, from many different denominations. The plan is to distribute 3-4 copies of the JESUS Film on DVD to each of the churches with training to equip three member families from each church to open their homes to show the film and start new home fellowship groups. Just this week we have finished production of the DVD's! We will set a weekend for late August or September for a simultaneous national effort to plant new small groups. It is a huge endeavor, and I am thankful for our national partners who are doing the lion's share of the organizing! 

Please pray for the thousands of Costa Ricans who will hear the Gospel over those two days. I'll keep you posted on our progress.

10,000 copies of the JESUS DVD will be used to open thousands of new home groups in Costa Rica.

New office

This is our first full week in the new office. Jeanie has been busy buying all of the supplies and equipping our kitchen area to be a fully functional office. We have loaded down our little Corolla with a printer, a vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies, dishes, paper towels, etc., etc. She has made us feel right at home!

Thank you!!

Over the past two months we have felt the support, prayer and love from our team as never before. We have been on the field for 19 years, and not a week passes without a reminder that God uses His people, working together, to accomplish His purposes. THANK YOU for your part in our ministry!

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