Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hip Surgery update

Dear friends,
I just wanted to write with a quick update on how Jeanie is doing after her hip replacement surgery. We got to the hospital bright and early Monday morning, and Jeanie was ready to go. Surgery lasted about two hours and she was in recovery for another couple of hours. They transferred her to her room and she felt pretty good, but I have to say she was pretty much still under the anesthetic.
Later that same afternoon the physical therapist and the occupational therapist made a visit to help her get up to her feet and begin the process of learning to walk on her new hip. She was extremely nauseous and dizzy that first afternoon, and we pretty much had to give up until Tuesday. She did a little better on Tuesday but was still very shaky, so the physical therapist decided it would be best if she spent another night the hospital.
Wednesday morning we were released from the hospital, and made the drive back home. What a difference that extra day made. Jeanie felt much better and now, Thursday morning, she's feeling very well. She is still on medication, but is getting better every day. She's able to walk up and down the hallway, and I see a lot of hope in her eyes after many months of very limited mobility.
Thank you so much for your support during this time. We're looking forward to the future, and looking forward to getting back to Costa Rica.
Your missionaries in Latin America,
Ron and Jeanie