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A New School Year

Ron and Jeanie Burgin
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A new school year…

Dear Friends,

The school year begins again in Costa Rica in February, and just like September in USA, February is a month of beginnings and re-launches in church and mission life. More on that in a minute!
Jeanie and I are back from a quick visit to the USA where we got to … meet a new granddaughter!!! Eleanor Grace Tolbert (daughter of Patty and Luke) is our eighth grandchild, but the excitement for us is just as great as it was when Wesley was born six years ago. They are each such a precious treasure!! It becomes increasingly difficult to pry Jeanie away to return to Costa Rica:) Here is a photo of Jeanie with little Eleanor Grace:

Last week we barely escaped the snow and ice that paralyzed the Carolinas for a few days, and aside from a a brief detour for our luggage (with Tillamook cheese inside) we made it home intact to our beautiful 75-80 degree weather. We are thankful to be home.

What a privilege to serve with our Latino brothers and sisters. I have shared a lot over the last year or so about our involvement in a new church plant, Guadalupe Gathering Place. Our young, dynamic lead pastor, John Lovell, is returning to Georgia in a month. On the one hand it will be a great loss for us - what a great preacher he is! On the other hand, he has been preparing us for his departure. I have served for two years as an elder/pastor in the church so I would appreciate your prayers during this transition.

The young Costa Rican who works with me in the Campus Crusade office here, Sebastian, has been preaching more at the church and is a great communicator to the young Tico audience. This past Sunday night he preached on Colossians 3:1-17 and did a great job. We have side by side translation into English so that everyone will understand. I was the translator for Sebas. In a couple of weeks I will be preaching on a later passage in Colossians and Sebas will translate for me!

Here is a photo of the two of us from Sunday night. Please pray for our growing congregation. We have many people with deep spiritual and physical needs.

Jeanie is back into the swing of ministry. We are just beginning the school year here and women’s bible studies and ESL class are beginning again. Today there were 22 women in the study that Jeanie teaches. Tonight she will be back together with the GAP girls small group. Tomorrow evening we will be back to teaching our English as a second language classes. And then on Thursday I will be leading the small group study here in our office. The people who come to that study are workers here in our building. Please pray for us as we minister.
I will be traveling to Trinidad in three weeks to meet with their leaders. While I’m there I will be doing an audit of their accounting system. I am looking forward to being with them. (From their perspective, I am not sure anyone looks forward to an audit, however!)

Thank you so much for your faithfulness with us as we continue to ministry in Costa Rica and help lead Campus Crusade throughout Latin America.
We appreciate you!!
Your missionaries,

Ron and Jeanie

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