Monday, May 19, 2014

May News

Ron and Jeanie Burgin
Campus Crusade for Christ
Latin America and the Caribbean

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from San Jose, Costa Rica! We are enjoying the change of season here as we move from the dry season to the VERY rainy season. We have suffered from a drought, so the downpours are very welcome. We are wrapping up several ministry activities this month. Although Costa Rica does not operate on the US school calendar, many of our activities do.
I (Jeanie) have had the wonderful privilege of meeting weekly with an amazing group of young women. These girls just finished their 9 month mission experience as part of the GAP program here in Costa Rica and I was their small group leader.  Spending time with these girls reminded me of my initial time on Campus Crusade staff in the mid 1970’s when I worked with High School girls in Chicago and Orange County, California. These girls face the same struggles as those I ministered to 35-40 years ago.

They love Jesus and want to follow Him but the pressures of this world sometimes overwhelm them.  We spent time together in the Bible and discussed various issues that they face as young Christian women. We discussed such topics as dating, sexual purity, theological issues, spiritual disciplines and just how to live more completely as a follower of Jesus. The issues are the same as they were years ago. When Ron was out of the country we even had a couple of slumber parties at our home and they loved getting out of their group living situation and having special time together.   I love spending time with young women and look forward to keeping in touch with them as they go on to the next thing in their lives.  One of them is headed to Clemson University in South Carolina in the Fall and I have already sent her the information about CRU on her campus. It was tough to say goodbye as they graduated this past weekend!
The GAP program is part of a Mission called SCORE International.  This 9 month program is designed for students just out of High School or midway through University who would like to take a year to explore missions and another culture.  The program is designed for up to 35 students who come to Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic and spend 9 months studying Spanish, taking Bible classes and ministering with various mission projects to get hands on experience ministering in another culture.  We feel this program is very solid and would recommend it to any young people who may want this kind of experience. 
If you know any High School graduates who may be interested in 2015/16 you can direct them to this website.  The program is full for this coming September-May. (There may be a few slots left for male students).
Prayer requests:

  • For Ron as he prepares the next generation of Campus Crusade operations/administrative leaders
  • For Ron as he team-preaches through Luke with his Costa Rica colleague, Sebastian.
  • For the church as we continue to receive new people who don’t know Jesus.
  • For the GAP students as they return to the USA, and for the new group that will be coming in August.
  • For Jeanie as she wraps up another semester with her Women’s Bible Study.
  • For a big children's outreach we have planned for this coming Sunday. We will be showing the JESUS Film for Children.

Thanks for your faithful support! We love and appreciate you
Your missionaries in Latin America,

Ron and Jeanie

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